Welcome to HI-Co Technologies

Welcome to High sky of international production company .HI-Co is a company who is active in manufacturing of the machinery which are used in stone shaping, mining, wood industry as well as the OEM machine. HI-Co is located in the south of Iran which is so near to free sea and can ship the ordered machines to the foreign customers easily, so has did his best in order to increase the quality to be able competing with the other machine makers in the international markets .Hi-Co has tried to meet all the international quality standards as view of production and management and has a motto as "the world is my market"

Featured Products

· Wood machinery
· Stone machinery
· Construction machinery
· OEM machinery
· Smart Card (ID-Card, SIM card, Health Card)
· Smart Card reader
· Smart card raw material such module, wafer, Ink
. Electronic parts (capacitors, resistors, diode and IC)

Featured Services

Contract manufacturing & procurement services strategically located in shiraz- Iran, Hi-Co can support customers in cost effective contract according to its own engineers and varied network of business partners in the world