About HI-CO

High sky of international production company simply branded (HI-CO) is incorporated in the Islamic republic of Iran in 2002 as an independent and privately owned company.

Hi-Co is machine manufacturer who try supporting customers based on a close cooperation of international and domestic partners & specialists who focuses on engineering materials and technical services .HI-Co can support customer who wishes to have smart card for different applications as well as smart card accessories (reader ,…) and material (wafer, card body ,module ) and supply the electronic parts such diode ,resistors ,capacitors and IC too.

Hi-Co is committed to customer satisfaction by following the highest possible quality levels in products and services which helped HI-Co to develop and strengthen itself as a knowledge based supplier and procurement partner for a diverse customers with different demands. Hi-Co have a motto as” the world is my market” which shows the company attitude .Hi-Co due to its competency could be assigned as the sales agency of IP , SIKO ,Halder ,Magnificent Mile , companies

Hi-Co Technical Services Portfolio:

· Wood machinery
· Stone machinery
· Construction machinery
· OEM machinery
· Smart Card (ID-Card, SIM card, Health Card)
· Smart Card reader
· Smart card raw material such module, wafer, Ink
. Electronic parts (capacitors, resistors, diode and IC)
. Automation for electronic production
. Hose and ducting
. Industrial Solution
. Engineered materials for electronic ,optic applications
. Transformer &energy distribution facility

HI-Co Business Philosophy:

Help the customers in different industries for having a better society and economy.